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About Us

Mission Statement

Guided by the Catholic Dominican tradition, the Grace Hauenstein Library provides access to information within and beyond the walls of the library. In support of the Aquinas College curriculum, the library creates an environment that sustains and promotes learning, teaching, and information literacy as a path to lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

The Grace Hauenstein Library at Aquinas College envisions a future integrating technological advancements with traditional services. The library views the challenges of a rapidly changing environment as an opportunity to build on its strengths and achievements, continuing to make it a center of the Aquinas learning community.

Values Statement


  • We value all of our users, regardless of their level of expertise or affiliation, as the foundation of our mission.

  • We treat all people with respect and courtesy.

  • We practice sustainability with respect to our relationships, collections, spaces  and budgets.


  • We are responsive to the service needs of our users. We consider the impact of all our decisions on the user, and welcome their opinions and input concerning our initiatives and undertakings.

  • We offer quality service to all users by displaying a positive attitude, valuing the diversity of people and perspectives, and expecting integrity, accountability, and competence in our personal and professional actions.

  • We work together as a team for the greater good of the Library and the College.


  • We value open, unrestricted access to our collections, our services, and information in general while respecting individual privacy, autonomy, and free inquiry.

  • We are committed to impartially connecting our users to the ideas and materials they wish to explore.


  • We value engagement with and actively seek collaboration with the entire Aquinas community -- and beyond -- to create, improve, expand upon, promote, and provide access to services and resources.

  • We value user input in making decisions in planning our services, resources, and facilities.


  • We value and promote intellectual growth, critical thinking, creativity, and lifelong learning.

  • We provide expertise in identifying, interpreting, and critically analyzing appropriate credible information resources and materials.

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