Media Department

The Aquinas College Media Center is located on the lower level of the Grace Hauenstein Library. The primary emphasis of the center is to support academic programs.

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  • Always plan as far ahead as possible.

  • All equipment is loaned on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Booking requirement: name of borrower, date and time the equipment is needed, and the location where the equipment will be used.

  • Users are encouraged to supply their own discs. We will supply them at $2.50/DVD-ROM; $1.00/CD-ROM. 

  • Equipment that may become damaged or lost due to user negligence, is the responsibility of the user.

Reserving Equipment

Only current Aquinas students, staff, faculty may check out equipment. For questions, or to reserve equipment ahead of time, contact the Media Department at or 616-632-2132. Equipment must be returned whenever the Library is open. Do not return AV equipment in book drop.


The Media Department offers the following equipment:

  • Large screen video projection unit

  • Data projector

  • Laser pointers

  • DVD Players (Region free)

  • Digital camcorders and tripods

  • Digital cameras

  • Laptop computers

  • iPads

  • E-readers

  • Button maker

Production Services and Cost

  • Button Maker - $0.15 per button for AQ students, staff, faculty. 

  • Dry Mounting - Create professional presentations of posters, signs, graphs, etc.

  • Laminating - Cost is $0.25 per running foot.

  • Lettering Machines - Create type on tape for labels. A variety of styles and sizes are available.

  • Multimedia Presentation Consultations - Get help with multimedia presentations using PowerPoint or Keynote. To use this service, contact the Media Department well in advance of your presentation to allow consultation time.

  • Video Dubbing - Limited off-air taping and video tape to DVD conversion are provided with strict attention to copyright laws. Cost is $2.50 per DVD-ROMS; $1.00 per CD-ROMS.

  • Faxing - Outgoing and Incoming faxing services are available during open hours. Our fax number is 616-732-4586.

Additional Services

  • Graphics - Graphics Services is located in the Media Department. We provide customized graphics, charts and signs for campus related presentations and events. For more information, visit the Graphic Services page.

  • 3D Printing - We have a Lulzbot Mini 3D printer, which builds objects vertically by putting down layer upon layer of a plastic filament called PLA. Links to 3-D software, guidelines, and pricing can be found here.

  • Workshops - The Media Center offers workshops to familiarize faculty and staff with the Media Department and our services. To arrange a workshop, contact Chad Buczkowski, Media Coordinator at or 616- 632-2132.

  • AV Software Orders - All requests for AV software should be made directly to Library Director, Shellie Jeffries at or 616-632-2130.

Questions or comments about Media Services should be directed to Chad Buczkowski, Media Coordinator, at or 616-632-2132.