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Course Connect Policies and Handouts

Creating a Course

A request to create an online course may be submitted to the Instructional Technologies Coordinator up to and including the last day to withdraw from a Semester or Quadmester course with no academic penalty.

According to the Calendar for Academic Areas School Year 2021-2022 those dates are:


  • First: September 16, 2022

  • Second: November 18, 2022

  • Third: February 10, 2023

  • Fourth: April 14, 2023


  • First: October 28, 2022

  • Second: March 24, 2023

Any request to create a course must be made in writing by filling out a Course Creation Form or by submitting an email to the Instructional Technologies Coordinator containing the same information as requested on the Course Creation Form. Any course creation request will be verified with the Registrar as an acknowledged, student-eligible class. Requests are processed as soon as possible. Once the course has been verified and created, the requesting faculty will receive instructions and training on how to use the course management software. The faculty member will receive an e-mail containing a link to the CourseConnect site, notifying them of the creation of the course. At that time, a faculty member may begin adding/changing/altering their specified course for teaching use.

Requests for an online course for a Directed Study may be submitted up to the Friday prior to the weekend of the first Directed Study session of the semester.

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to contact the Instructional Technologies Coordinator to renew any and all courses for subsequent semesters. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to remove previous Course Participants and update any and all resources and time frames previously created.

Removing a Course

A course will be deleted from the CourseConnect web site two (2) weeks after the last day of the semester (or quadmester) in which the class is held. It is the faculty member's responsibility to request a course to be archived for any future retrieval.


A course will not be deleted if it is to be renewed for the subsequent semester or quadmester.


Any and all Resources, forum discussions, and uploaded files are the responsibility of the Faculty member to save in another location. Files cannot be retrieved after a course has been deleted.

Copying a Course

A separate course must be created for each class having a unique section number.


Copying a course containing any files, resources, or alterations from the beginning template is not possible unless the copy is for the same instructor.

Archiving a Course

Archiving allows an instructor to retain course materials, which will be reused to teach the course in future semesters.

  • Archived files will remain archived for 54 weeks (to accommodate courses offered only once a year).

  • The CourseConnect archive will be organized by semester.

  • Only the faculty member who creates the materials can request them to be archived and reinstated.

  • All archival procedures will be monitored and facilitated by the Instructional Technology Coordinator.

  • Archived materials will remain under the domain of the individual who created the material, according to the Aquinas College AUP computing agreement.

  • Requests for archiving and reinstating materials will be fulfilled within 2 business days.

  • Archiving of courses can only occur at the time of removal from the CourseConnect site

Storage of Resources (File Manager)

Any and all Resources, forum discussions, quizzes, and uploaded files are the responsibility of the Faculty member to save in another location. Files cannot be retrieved after a course has been deleted, unless the faculty member has requested the course to be archived.


Do not depend on your uploaded files as primary documents, you must save the originals separately somewhere. Any changes made to documents must be re-uploaded into the Course Files Manager.

Material Ownership upon Departure from the College

Files/courses existing on CourseConnect may be handled in the following ways upon departure from the College:

  • Your supervisor may request ownership of any files/courses you may have on CourseConnect be transferred to his/herself or other authorized individual.

  • You may request a copy of your files or ask that the files be removed from the CourseConnect system.

Monitoring of Discussions

Logging into CourseConnect constitutes agreement to comply with the
Aquinas Acceptable Use Policy.


It is the faculty member's responsibility to monitor and guide any and all discussion forums within their course. Consequences for inappropriate postings (harassing comments, attacks on individuals rather than discussing the issue, inappropriate/unrelated documents or files made available, etc.) are at the discretion and responsibility of each faculty member.

Handouts and Resources

Website Resources:

Course Connect Tutorials:


*Tutorials are best viewed in

Firefox or Internet Explorer

Handouts and Resources

Problems, Concerns, and Troubleshooting

  • If students do not currently have their ELM password for logging onto CourseConnect, refer them to Campus Safety to obtain it. Picture I.D. is required.

  • Remember to review your web links periodically, as web pages can disappear or change.

  • If you notice any features you would like to see integrated into CourseConnect, please let us know, as the software is constantly updated with suggested features from clients.

If you have any questions or problems regarding CourseConnect capabilities, please contact:

ITS department: 616 632 2050 

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